Hau Kola yurt

Hau Kola Yurt is the perfect place to live. The interior can be arranged in many ways, creating exclusive apartments or romantic rooms for two. With a bathroom inside!

Advantages of the Hau Kola yurt

Being inside the yurt:

  • restores harmony,
  • relieves stress and calms down,
  • adds positive energy,

Hau Kola yurt as house

Changing the appearance of the traditional Mongolian yurt, adding glass showcases can make it the most modern and comfortable home

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Guarantee of quality

What makes our yurts are highest quality::


solid ecological canvas imported from France with excellent waterproofing and anti-rot impregnation.


construction made of high-quality wood covered with the best ecological varnishes


solid wood door with 5 layers of varnish.


all elements of the yurt are ecological, which is a very important aspect for us.


3-year warranty!

Our yurts have been appreciated all over the world. They are already standing in most European countries, as well as in the USA, South Korea, Israel and on many islands. We always try to adapt to the wishes of our customers and our painting projects make tents become art departments. We always support our clients and advise the best solutions and interior arrangements.

Our greatest achievements



Hau Kola Yurt

Manufacture of Mongolian yurts

Hau Kola Wrob

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